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Since 2004 I focus on the online branch. During my honeymoon in Singapore in 2006 I came across e-Commerce and started my career in this field on the classical route: selling Crocs shoes in 20 different colours in my garage and flat through one of the first online shops in Germany.


The first order in my online shop aroused my passion and I wanted more. After having delivered the first order from my online shop, I wanted more. Due to that I had to invest more time into internet advertising. Today online marketing is a general term and contains more than email marketing, affiliate marketing or SEO.

Social Media

A few years after the online business has been established, the “social media revolution“ began its triumphal procession. Nowadays the usage of social media networks is a daily routine of our society. I use this communication channel e.g. to “tweet“ or “like“ and expand my network.